I am exploring how theoretically and physically meaning can be revealed in the dark space. There is a duality in my projects where I am constantly questioning and crossing a threshold from the lightness on the outside into darkness on the inside. Darkness is where profound thinking is revealed. Using diverse media, my works explore personal experiences and emotions in an intimate analysis of the self/selfhood.

My projects are about revered spaces and cultural norms that have been violated. I explore the loss of comfort and homeliness in sites of death in the photographic essays, Saying goodbye to a space, 2019, and For Mims, 2003, The Dressing of an Octopus, 2020, a layered set of photographic stills explores motherhood, and Bullet Hole, Beirut, 2010, a camera obscura installation set up on the site of a broken home.

In these spaces I question the notion of what family and the spaces of home are when they become disrupted and present a narrative in different ways, using various materials.