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My imminent migration to New Zealand marks this piece as a farewell to Europe and her systems within ritual, tradition, and beauty.

I wish to exhibit a representation of the confessional booth found in the West Chapel inside the Brompton Oratory, London, as a symbol of the veiled secrecy and the reverberation of sound within the sacred space of the church ans today the reverberation of sound and dual listening which takes place in the therapist’s office. I am creating a disruption by taking the confessional out of it’s sacrerd space inside the church, yet I am placing it within another sacred space, the art gallery.

Growing up nearby we used to regularly go to Sunday Mass at the Brompton Oratory, my sister still attending high mass there today.

My childhood steeped in silence amidst conflict, which considering our awareness of mental health and our basic need in our current exploration of identity; a more human requirement to feel secure today, is contextualised within the ceremony of the confessional booth. Through this project, I wish to explore confession and talking therapies from a contemporary evolved viewpoint.